Angus Begg

CNN award-winning television producer, Angus Begg was the first South African broadcast journalist to report from the chaos of Somalia in 1992. He went on to cover the Rwandan genocide of ’94 and South Africa’s first democratic elections the same year, for which he was nominated for the national public service radio awards

It was these episodes in Somalia and Rwanda that took him the roundabout route to the fields of travel and environment, in which he now guides, writes, produces and photographs. He found news stories were as much about travel as tracking gorillas or reviewing a Kruger Park luxury lodge. He understood that the Rwandan refugees were on safari Swahili for ‘to journey’, regardless of their dire circumstances.

At Najera during the Camino De Santiago: My shoes are slap bang in the middle. Curled up when I left them on a heater in Galicia, which left me with a bitch of a limp after the next 10km  in the rain. For a month, all I thought about was what was over the next hill.

When walking the Camino Santiago de Compostela, he knew he was walking a trail first walked in roughly the 9th century (by peasants looking for absolution, threatened with dire consequences by their local priest).  As with the Rwandan refugees, they were travelling for a reason – and on that journey the pilgrims would have met new people, made new friends even, and stayed in new places where their tummies were filled and thirst was slaked.

It was in the late 19th century, post industrial revolution, with the wealth it brought the owners of cotton mills etc, that the notion of travel for leisure really became a concept. Angus’s mother was an art historian / librarian, and shared with him that Turner’s paintings of boats on the Rhine were apparently reflections of such travellers. These were probably the first modern ‘tourists’, who were journeying to a destination purely for pleasure.

With considerable experience in the various media since then – TV, print, radio, photography and the internet – Angus has gone on to cover every aspect of travel, whether rural communities clashing with wildlife, tracking the Serengeti migration, hiking Table Mountain or searching for that perfect sauvignon blanc.

Guiding in Botswana

His USP as a professional Guide is His experiential mix of guiding and multimedia journalism – from-the-horse’s-mouth tales of South Africa, good knowledge of wines, and a collection of stories, makes him an exceptional guide.

Angus is the only Guide to have covered Madiba’s release, the landmark 1994 elections and South Africa’s story to date. He has covered Genocide & Gorillas in Rwanda, Serengeti / Mara migrations, and stories from every corner of South and southern Africa. He produced the first TV doccie on the rebirth of Gorongosa National Park, along with tales of travel and conservation efforts around Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia Botswana, and countless lodge reviews throughout southern and east Africa.

Most important to Angus is forging consciousness, so that the people he comes into contact with, will better understand their fellow brothers and sisters, and the rhinos, sharks and pangolins that call this place home. Angus is freelance and if you have any interesting assignments on offer, feel free to email him on