Caroline Hurry
Caroline Hurry

Aldous Huxley will be pleased. BA is making the Brave New World dream a reality with its new – wait for it – mood-detecting blankets. The brainwave measuring throws use neuro-sensors to assess happiness levels. Fibre optics in the fabric change from red to blue according to your stress levels. Blue is blissful. Red is the opposite.


Just the thought of economy class turns my blanket red but then only BA’s Business Class passengers get to try one out. No doubt their blankets are bluer, or greener, even, since there’s quite a difference between Business and First Class, so I’ve heard.

Be that as it may, I prefer my moods unmonitored – unless I am verbally indicating otherwise. Besides you can summon an air steward using the handset so perhaps a tittle-tattling blanket is a step too far!

Of course BA says they’re monitoring a person’s sleep and relaxation patterns during a flight to “ inform decisions made to improve aspects of the in-flight service; from changing the timing of meals, what food is served and even the films shown – to make flying and sleeping on British Airways flights even more relaxing”.  Hmmmmm.

Not to rain on anyone’s parade but taking note of passenger complaints is still the best way to advance a better sense of bonhomie towards your carrier.  The sleep-deprived masses shoehorned into Economy Class offer a rich source of suggestions via social media.

British Airways also announced the introduction of ‘Slow TV’ programming on board some of its long-haul flights. “The ‘wallpaper’ style footage, which features a seven-hour train journey through Norway, introduces a hypnotic quality for some viewers.”

Having spent a lot of time in Scandinavia, I can totally see how that would work!