DisChem takes the Mickey

Caroline Hurry

For every R200 spent at DisChem, customers are being ‘rewarded’ with a small piece of plastic made in China encased in ‘thermoplastic rubber’ wrappers that are a choking hazard to children and have no discernible purpose. Why?

Annoyed at having this rubbish foisted on me, I asked DisChem who the reward was aimed at, and how it benefited South African consumers.  I also said I was fed-up with being spammed on my cellphone with DisChem offers of more packets of ‘Micropopz’. I mean, seriously?

Creepy Mickey Mouse

I offered these toxic trinkets to my housekeeper for her grandchildren, but she rightly refused, asking: ‘What should they do with this?’  Again, I asked DisChem, which ‘responded’ to my questions saying it was a celebration of Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday.

I could refuse the offer if I liked, and measures were in place to dispose of this  plastic shite, which media & corporate whispererer Janine Lazarus quoted as being ‘Exactly how NOT to respond. When will brands ever learn the fundamentals of communication?’

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DisChem also asked for my contact details saying somebody would be in touch. Well, I’m still waiting!

I’ve never had a straight answer from Big Retail,  so I wasn’t that surprised. However, I couldn’t help wondering what this Micropopz! agenda might be all about.

I found the DisChem staff all wearing Mickey Mouse ears particularly creepy, not least because of their association with trauma-based mind control – Britney Spears in Mickey Mouse ears sprung to mind – so I searched a few more google images to see who else liked to wear them. Oh, my!

Marilyn Manson, a self-admitted Satanist often promotes Mickey Mouse. He even did an entire show wearing Micky Mouse ears.

Marilyn Manson, a self-proclaimed Satanist, did entire shows wearing Micky Mouse ears, and  is photographed promoting Mickey Mouse all over the place.

Jesus Luz in lipstick and Mickey Mouse ears

Ditto Madonna and her friend Jesus Luz.


Now I could care less about their religious beliefs and headgear, nor do I care why they and others like to be photographed in Mickey Mouse ears, but I do question these people’s suitability as role models for children.

Then there are a surprising number of Nazi-themed Micky Mouse cartoon characters, many depicting Hitler, others selling pornography, and even blatant sexually-charged images. Again, why is this plastic rubbish being foisted on DisChem customers, and particularly children?

Why all the Nazi-styled themes?

Walt Disney himself was an odd bird, who combined sexism, racism, and antisemitism in one neat package.

Vulture.com  cites the famous Three Little Pigs scene, in which the wolf was portrayed as a Jewish peddler and his warm welcome of Nazi director Leni Riefenstahl to his studios.

Another Mickey Mouse image, surely unsuitable for children.

There’s Disney’s liberal use of racial stereotypes in movies from the 40s: Dumbo’s black crows; Fantasia’s black servant centaurette; and the deeply-offensive Song of the South. Disney referred to the Snow White dwarves as a “nigger pile” and used terms like “pickaninny.”

Disney’s rejection letter saying women were not capable of creativity.

Walt Disney did not hire women because he did not believe they were capable  of creativity  and the company’s unwillingness to hire minorities at Disneyland is well documented. Again, I have to ask why DisChem thinks Disney is a good role model.

There are even deeper and darker Disney allegations that people can go and research for themselves if they feel so inclined. For my part, DisChem’s ghastly plastic insult to consumers has only strengthened my resolve to give them a wide berth and buy what I need from ethical independent producers.