Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Alpine Adventure

Swiss Eisenbahnbrücke_cr-Gornergrat Bahn
Zermatt’s air is so crisp you can crunch it. I threw open the doors to my balcony overlooking snow-covered peaks, breathed in deeply, and lowered myself to the ground for a press-up. Very invigorating!

No place like Rome

The Colosseum towers over the Temple of Venus like a humungous stone skeleton. Even in its ruined state, it's easy to imagine the riotously hardcore events staged there 2000 years ago

Portugal on a Budget

The seafood in Portugal is fantastic and you’ll usually find generous portions at good prices if you avoid the main tourist areas and restaurants. There are plenty of local cafes and coffee shops which also serve light lunches and are much cheaper than full-service restaurants.

Celestial Spectacle

Officially, the aurora-borealis comprises electrically charged particles from the sun colliding with gas molecules but the more arcane among us know these celestial emanations mark the entrance to a twilight paradise lit by a twin sun, where assorted beings, including Germans from the Vril Society, a few pixies, giants, and Lemurian descendants, have lived in perfect health for hundreds of years

Langjökull Ice Cave

Getting up to the entrance of the Langjökull Ice Cave is an adventure in itself. Tour guide Arngrimur Hermannsson drives visitors in a modfied version of a NATO rocket carrier. The behemoth has eight driven wheels and 48 gears with an on-board system to inflate or deflate the giant tyres

The Cabot Trail

From Baddeck the Cabot Trail winds along the edge of the lake.  It’s gaspingly pretty. Shimmering water winked at me through the birch trees. There were shingled barns sunken in green fields. I drove in a happy trance

Pristine Prague

The spirit of Prague lingers like the aroma of cinnamon from ubiquitous bakeries. You can smell it in the cobbled lanes once trodden by Mozart or eat the delicious exhibits at the Gingerbread Museum on Nerudova Street

Tapas Temptations

Along the Nervión River, industrial sites have been converted into conference centres, hotels and shopping arcades. Green fields and grazing sheep surround residential areas. 

Jim Thompson’s House

Did a tiger eat him? Did the CIA do him in? Was some Asian despot responsible, or a jealous lover? Nearly half a century later the mystery of what happened to Jim Thompson remains.

High and dry in the Atacama

En route to the geyser fields in El Tatio, large cacti stand sentry as alpacas, vicuñas, llamas and vizcacha chew at tufts of wild grass. Snow-streaked peaks beckon and you can walk on the roof of the world in the Andean meadows.

Slow train coming

The Glacier Express
Cowbells tinkle. Crows caw. A housewife sunbathes on the grass. Black-faced sheep frolic in a meadow. Village railway stations with names like Visp and Gletsch offer gateways to roads I have no time to explore.

Blue seas and goat cheese

We headed straight to the beach and took our first dip in the warm, wave-less waters of the cobalt blue Med at Exiles’ Bay, before indulging in what turned out to be a terrible Maltese white wine at Paradise Exiles Bar.

A Week in Provence

Unlike other teens that dreamt of becoming candlestick makers, I dreamt of stocking my cellar, goose liver pate, finding that perfect hammock in the sun. And sticking it to ‘The Man’ (whoever he was)

Buenos Aires

All that remain are the faint echoes of splendour from ages long gone, burdened with irrelevant artifacts and meaningless memories of a glorious past, overlaid with the indefinable smell of insidious decay

Tilly does Croatia!

Arriving in Pula on the coast, we hired a car and drove on pristine roads passing old stone houses, ruins, churches, dry-stone walls, vineyards, olive groves, cornfields, mountains and woods

Utrecht unplugged

Holland’s fourth largest city, Utrecht is equal parts Dutch charm, lively students and a mini-metropolis. The Rhine flows past centuries-old cobblestone streets, bridges, historic buildings, sidewalk cafes and lots of bicycles

Delicious Dubrovnik

The steps up Dubrovnik's 2km long, 700-year-old city walls are steeper than mobile data in South Africa, which also ramps up the price of deliveries, as you can imagine.

Wicked Boston

Colin Windell finds a learned city that gladdens his hat

Doha Days

Caroline Hurry discovered a brave new world of souks and soaring skylines in the Qatar capital

A no-gho!

Kuenzang got his first pair of shoes when he was 12. Before that he walked to school barefoot, summer or winter. He wrote on a slate, and did his homework by the light of burning pine needles. The first time he saw a truck he ran away, terrified.Today, he has an apartment in Paro, owns a car and communicates with a worldwide network of friends and clients via email.

Blazing saddles in Corryong

Steve Kealy on the annual Riley's Ride in a remote Victorian town