Janine Lazarus

Straight shooting Media Trainer/Consultant. Ex news hound. Undomesticated wife. Voracious thriller reader. Feline slave.

I stole the above description from Janine’s twitter account (writes Caroline Hurry) but Janine is so much more.  I can’t think of any other good Jewish girl who sets off to Pakistan to give workshops to fundamentalists. I’ve known and adored Nini for more years than I can count and her graphic travelling tales of what she has endured from certain airlines have made me weep with laughter!

Janine Lazarus: always ahead of the pack!

Janine has clung to bunk seats in window-less  1954 troop carriers on bumpy flights from Sierra Leone’s Lungi Airport to Freetown. She’s flown with two drunk Russian pilots navigating a near-empty bottle of vodka between them. She’s stood in aisles for entire flights between from Cameroon to Ivory Coast, trying not to trip over a cage of hens.  Nini has done it all!

The founder of Janine Media, a necessary force for grammar, corporate communication, and perception management,  is what every company needs if they want to make any headway on the media stage.  Janine’s courage and enthusiasm is inspirational!

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