Cathay Pacific staffers offer eight travel tips

  • Go for a run!

Evan, Pilot: “I ask the hotel concierge to suggest a running route. It’s on runs that I’ve seen the embassy district of Delhi, Moscow’s Red Square, and Rome’s ancient ruins.”

  • Try out the local cuisine
    Try local food. Image: Caroline Hurry

    Eat local 

Aby, Flight Attendant: “I go straight to the local markets in a new city and try something unusual – I’ve eaten insects, scorpions, and kangaroo!”

  • Surprise a loved one

Becky, Flight Attendant: “I booked my Mum onto one of my flights to New Zealand, and learnt that the best gifts are the ones that make memories.”

  • Be a kid again

Poey, Flight Attendant: “I see destinations through my child’s eyes. When I show him photos from my trips, he sees spaceships, castles and ocean monsters. He reminds me to rediscover my own sense of wonder.”

  • Skip the crowd

Gong, Flight Attendant: “I always get up at dawn to explore a busy layover destination. It’s a great way to see a city with no crowds to interfere with the views of historic landmarks and attractions.”

  • Get out and about

Grace, Flight Attendant: “When I went to South Africa, I escaped the city and went on a horseback safari. It made me realise how beautiful the world can be.”

  • Revisit your favourite city at different times

Indit, Flight Attendant: “New York looks so different depending on the time of year – from the skyscrapers sparkling in the summer sun, to the autumn browns of Central Park and the bright Christmas trees surrounded by winter snow.”

  • Explore local history and culture

Ben, Pilot: “The way places change over time fascinates me. I like to buy an old travel guide of a destination as I walk around it. I enjoy seeing the old buildings still standing tall amid contemporary skyscrapers in London and Singapore.”

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