Sunday, January 19, 2020


Madikwe Magic

Tau Game Lodge in the Madikwe Reserve brings many unforgettable moments. Whether it’s a giant eagle owl taking flight, hyenas pups romping around their den or wildebeest pronking alongside our vehicle, this really is a place to sit, stare, and wonder.

Kevin Leo Smith

Kevin Leo Smith
Caroline Hurry chats to Kevin Leo Smith about how to run a successful safari operation in Africa, potential snares to avoid and his own preferences when it comes to spending time in the bush with his family

Saving South Africa’s wildlife

The preservation of South Africa’s wildlife is an absolute no-brainer against mounting decimation for financial gain, sheer ignorance and outright stupidity – so it...

Armoured Marvel

Eventually a snout appeared out of the undergrowth and the front feet. Uncertain, it rolled into a partial ball, looking like a giant artichoke, then finally, it crept out of the safety of the branches, scuttled across in front of us and was off!

Saving our rhino

Once a week, Tintswalo Safari Lodge collects 12 school children plus their teacher and drives them to the Manyeleti Game Reserve where they are treated to lunch and a game drive safari experience.

A place of wonder

On the late afternoon drive at Seriti River Lodge,we counted a pride of 21 lion at the Mjejajane Dam, looking relaxed, almost as if they wouldn’t stir if you walked among them.

Revving up for Bike Fest

Alongside the entertainment offered by the Bike Fest, visitors can visit the many agri-tourism initiatives for which Port Edward is renowned, such as Beaver Creek Coffee Estate, Villa Doré macadamia nut farm and banana plantation, Mattison Square, and Mac Banana.

On track with the bushmen

The Ju/'hoanis track and hunt with bow and poisoned arrow, and the fittest amongst them engage in persistence hunting – pursuing an animal until it drops from exhaustion. They have the extraordinary ability – passed down generations for tens of thousands of years – to track wildlife across almost any terrain, interpreting the animal behaviour as they go.

Fynbos Foot Safari

Expert trail guides will reveal the 11000-hectare reserve’s unique biodiversity, eco systems, Big Five, and multiple species of antelope in a fynbos-covered, malaria free landscape

Summer at Tau Game Lodge

Plants that flourish in summer after the spring rains burst with life, attracting migrating birds.Summer is therefore a magical time to visit five-star Tau Game Lodge in the Madikwe Reserve, where conservation is key.

Sharing Abelana

Conveniently located between Hoedspruit and Phalaborwa, adjacent to the Greater Kruger's Balule Nature Reserve and neighbouring Selati Private Game Reserve, Abelana Game Reserve includes a 10km stretch of the semi-perennial Selati River.

Spring Safari Special

Ever been on safari in spring? If so, you’d understand the hype, when the animal kingdom expresses its joy in the season of new life. Experience it for yourself by taking advantage of the Spring Special offered by Tau Game Lodge in the Madikwe Reserve, bordering Botswana

Safari Specials

Jock Safari Lodge in the Kruger National Park is offering a Winter Wellness package at R8 064 pps per night, Sanbona Wildlife Reserve has introduced a Family Getaway Experience at Gondwana Family Lodge, while Tintswalo Lapalala in the Waterberg is offering a 50% discount for South Africans at their camp in the 44 500-hectare Lapalala Wilderness Reserve.

Crash tests show up problems for kids

Being a child in South Africa has its problems and this extends to poor child safety for occupants of the latest cars crash tested...

O Bona Moremi Safari Lodge

A wild time here is guaranteed. As you unwind to the soft murmurs of a Khwai River tributary, flanked by floodplains and riverine forests; best viewed from the elevated deck of O Bona Moremi Safari Lodge’s dining and lounge facilities, a sense of reconnection with Botswana's wilderness will restore the most jaded soul

Game Without Frontiers

Safely ensconced in the open vehicle, we encountered rhino, hippo, and elephants aplenty, but just being in the bush, detached from the rest of squabbling South Africa, was enough to rejuvenate the soul.

Spotting the bull!

charging elephant bull
Myths peddled by animal rights lobbyists will destroy the wildlife they claim to protect, says Botswana-based wildlife conservationist Erik Verreynne. How about a solution-based focus rather?

The Thunderbird Gang

Southern Ground Hornbill
Endangered birds need protection from human predators. The Mabula Ground Hornbill Project team and colleagues have hatched a plan, reports Caroline Hurry

Contraception or culling?

That is the million dollar question as Botswana's proposals to lift a five-year hunting ban, and turn elephants into pet food, continues to ignite heated debate. Caroline Hurry reports

Wild About Mabula

From our balcony we have a view of the surrounding thicket, where vervet monkeys swing from trees. That night thunder and lightning reverberate round the hills and then the rains come like a blessing

Getting Dune in Nambia

The Namib-Naukluft National Park is Africa's largest game park and the world's fourth largest. Within the park –  40km east of Swakopmund – is an area known as the Moon Landscape due to the darker tones of this Damara Granite landscape formed some 460-500 million years ago.