For the Extraordinary Collection team celebrating their 10th anniversary … hopes are high for another decade of champagne moments and cherished memories

“Thinking back now of launching our little business in April 2009 with only three staff and somehow waking up in 2019 seems surreal,” says Sales and Marketing CEO Cindy Sheedy Walker.

Extraordinary Sales and Marketing CEO Cindy Sheedy Walker

“We moved from Durban to our beautiful Bryanston offices, and now with our permanent Cape Town and Mumbai presence, our brand has a distinct home. We are grateful.

“It matters not where you go in life. It matters who you have beside you. Our team of amazing ladies have been an integral cog in our development. Our strong values – integrity, trust and teamwork – have served us well so far and we (intend to) continue along the path of success for the next 10 years!
Extraordinary has achieved a great milestone and what sets us apart is knowing our customers and having the burning desire to succeed.”