Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Caroline Hurry

Winner of a Tourism Authority of Thailand Award for International Media Reporting, Caroline Hurry has written for Independent Newspapers, The Citizen, Sunday Times, Business Traveller, Journeys, and Habitat, among others. Married to a Dane, she divides her time between Copenhagen and Johannesburg. A self-described word herder, dog wrangler, and cat slave, she loves visiting new countries and sitting in the lap of luxury

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Solid safari advice

There has been a lack of industry-specific expertise in the African Safari Industry. The newly-formed Safari Investment Advisory, comprising Kevin Leo-Smith, Don Millar, and Steve Raney are doing something about that, right now

This Land is our Land

Driving through hyena-hued veld under a wide sky, I picture the geological ages spiraling back like a stairway. On the lowest steps, Moschops, Massospondylus, and Dicynodont fossils lie like forgotten toys from Earth’s lost childhood.

Best, west, road trip!

With the July holidays upon us, the Cape West Coast offers some great family friendly destinations and activities

Oom Paul’s legacy

CAROLINE HURRY has a wild time in the Lowveld en route to the Kruger National Park

Mmakuba Lodge

Just a two-hour drive from OR Tambo International Airport, Mmakuba Lodge offers a family-friendly, malaria-free safari experience

The Encrypted Life 

How important is privacy? What are the options available to citizens of the digital world with regards to keeping their data safe from prying eyes? MARK FOX investigates

Zambian Zeitgeist

CAROLINE HURRY follows the tale of NyamiNyami, a giant water snake spirit from the Royal Chundu Zambezi River Lodge in Zambia

The Hermitage Museum

Housing the greatest collection of European art in history, the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, which began life in the 18th century as the private art collection of the Romanovs, in particular Catherine the Great, will leave you teetering on the edge of giddy exuberance and awe, writes CAROLINE HURRY

Wild about Thanda

CAROLINE HURRY glamps it up at the Thanda Safari Tented Camp



Full Steam Ahead

The Sandstone Spring Steam Festival in the Eastern Free State, just north of cherry-picking capital Ficksburg, is on track this November 19 to 22

Haunting tours

Is visiting famous gravesites a weird tourism trend? Gordon Prentice doesn't think so

Karoo Roads

Julienne du Toit and Chris Marais have come out swinging after the COVID lockdown and doing what they do best: recounting the beloved stories of the Heartland of South Africa.

Christmas Safari

Yule love every day spent at Tau Game Lodge from the game drives to the spa pampering. What better Christmas gift could you ask for?

Time Travel is for now

Time Travel requires no annoying visas, boarding passes, suitcases to be packed, raids on duty-free, economy class syndrome, fetid morning breath. All Time Travel requires is oiling the mind, sometimes on R600 bootleg vodka provided by my village plumber.