Thursday, November 26, 2020

Caroline Hurry

Winner of a Tourism Authority of Thailand Award for International Media Reporting, Caroline Hurry has written for Independent Newspapers, The Citizen, Sunday Times, Business Traveller, Journeys, and Habitat, among others. Married to a Dane, she divides her time between Copenhagen and Johannesburg. A self-described word herder, dog wrangler, and cat slave, she loves visiting new countries and sitting in the lap of luxury

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Hey, Makalali!

Among the marvels of Makalali’s River Lodge in the north-eastern lowveld are glimpses of nyala that graze on the banks of the dry river and  monkeys swinging from the branches of a sycamore fig tree.

First Class daydreams

First Class on British Airways is so much more my speed, muses Caroline Hurry

Klaserie Safari

CAROLINE HURRY watches a hippo chase a herd of buffalo out of the water at nTambo Tree in the Kruger Park's Klaserie Reserve


Want to immortalise your pet in a painting? Cape Town artist Val Brown Watt does some awesome 'pawtraits between sharing her skills in painting workshops

Protecting Pangolins

Slowly the tiny ball in the wooden crate began to unwind. Its scales moved and a pointy nose followed by two black button eyes emerged. Natalie, a veterinary nurse, was entranced. The baby pangolin unwrapped its tail, holding out its front legs to be picked up. It was love at first sight!  NEIL ALDRIDGE took all the images

Thanda Safari

The wonder of Thanda is that you're guaranteed sightings the minute you're inside and it wasn’t long we were sitting on our sundeck outside our tent overlooking the hilly wilderness to admire seven nyala browsing nearby, secure in the knowledge that the electric fence would protect us all.

Sharing the dream

In conjunction with the Good Work Foundation (GWF) Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve, opened the Lillydale Digital Learning Campus (LDLC) earlier this month on the premises of the easily-accessible Hlomani High School

Ha Long Way

Vietnamese is difficult to master but my husband’s friend Thuy (pronounced Too-eey) taught me to say: “Bon cau bi nghet” pronounced “bonne-cow-bee-knee-yet”, which means “the lavatory does not flush”. Always a useful foreign phrase, I find.

The Erarta Museum

CAROLINE HURRY immerses herself in Russia’s largest private collection of contemporary art at the Erarta Museum in St Petersburg



Plan a trip off-road

Follow these essential off-road tips from Mitsubishi Motors ambassador Francois Rossouw, (71) before you go

FedAir’s 50% fares

FedAir’s customer fares are being made flexible as a future game changer within the luxury safari lodge shuttle and charter airline business.

Shamwari special

Two of the seven lodges at Shamwari Private Game Reserve are open for bookings with specials expiring on December 20

Full Steam Ahead

The Sandstone Spring Steam Festival in the Eastern Free State, just north of cherry-picking capital Ficksburg, is on track this November 19 to 22

Haunting tours

Is visiting famous gravesites a weird tourism trend? Gordon Prentice doesn't think so