Sunday, February 28, 2021

Caroline Hurry

Winner of a Tourism Authority of Thailand Award for International Media Reporting, Caroline Hurry has written for Independent Newspapers, The Citizen, Sunday Times, Business Traveller, Journeys, and Habitat, among others. Married to a Dane, she divides her time between Copenhagen and Johannesburg. A self-described word herder, dog wrangler, and cat slave, she loves visiting new countries and sitting in the lap of luxury

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Contraception or culling?

That is the million dollar question as Botswana's proposals to lift a five-year hunting ban, and turn elephants into pet food, continues to ignite heated debate. Caroline Hurry reports

BA ‘nose’ how to help

Painting a red schnoz on an aircraft is delivering results for children around the world as British Airways customers and staff have raised £20 million for the Flying Start Partnership with Comic Relief

Village Vibe

There's magic in Clarens amid the mountainous swells of the Rooiberge and Maloti. And the route past the bucolic beauty of the vast highland plains with cows and sheep safely grazing and sunflowers in sway, is sublime. Just ‘pas op’ for the potholes!

Wild About Mabula

From our balcony we have a view of the surrounding thicket, where vervet monkeys swing from trees. That night thunder and lightning reverberate round the hills and then the rains come like a blessing

Delicious Dubrovnik

The steps up Dubrovnik's 2km long, 700-year-old city walls are steeper than mobile data in South Africa, which also ramps up the price of deliveries, as you can imagine.

Hey, Makalali!

Among the marvels of Makalali’s River Lodge in the north-eastern lowveld are glimpses of nyala that graze on the banks of the dry river and  monkeys swinging from the branches of a sycamore fig tree.

First Class daydreams

First Class on British Airways is so much more my speed, muses Caroline Hurry

Klaserie Safari

CAROLINE HURRY watches a hippo chase a herd of buffalo out of the water at nTambo Tree in the Kruger Park's Klaserie Reserve


Want to immortalise your pet in a painting? Cape Town artist Val Brown Watt does some awesome 'pawtraits between sharing her skills in painting workshops



Estate branches out

Vergelegen, the 321-year-old Somerset West wine estate with 18 gardens, has unveiled plans for a 54-hectare arboretum

Egypt’s White Desert

Egypt’s heat hovers like a lovelorn drunk breathing pungent fumes over everyone in its proximity at Ains Soukhna on the Red Sea

St Petersburg Metro

Saint Petersburg’s metro is one of the world's busiest with five subway lines, 67 stations, 3 000 trains and 2.5 million passengers a day

Beat the Covid Blues

This is a tale of two cities ‒ Scare City and Synchroni City. Looping trains of thought will speed you to either place. How long you choose to stay is up to you

Tau’s Autumn Special

It's not too soon to treat your significant other to a Valentines 2021 package including a spa treatment at Tau Game Lodge