Caroline Hurry
Caroline Hurry

Fine-tuning my frequencies to heal and rejuvenate with the support of Johannesburg-based Biofield Tuner and Sound Therapist Wendy Leppard hit all the right notes for me.

Unblocking and redirecting energy through chanting and other vibrational sounds has been around for aeons ‒ just singing to yourself has healing powers ‒ but it took the pioneering work of Eileen McKusick to put Biofield Tuning on the map as an effective drug-free way to treat pain and restore systemic balance.

Ms McKusick – even her name sounds musical ‒ perfected the use of sound vibrations over 23 years by applying tuning forks to the body or biofield, the energy field surrounding all living things. While orthopedists use tuning forks to detect stress fractures in large bones, by using the sound like sonar, Ms McKusick found the tones could modulate the biofield’s physiology.

According to the Biofield Anatomy Hypothesis, our torus-shaped biofield extends about 1.5m to either side of the body and about three-quarters of a metre above the head. Our life’s blueprint is reflected in patterns or vibrations that relate to our emotional and physical states. Biofield Tuning or Sound Balancing, says Ms McKusick, is the ‘syntropic process of bringing lost life force back into our bodies’. Tuning forks magnetically track particular patterns in the biofield. Subtle sound changes, distortions, and the tonal quality of the current flow inform the Practitioner of any discordant vibrations as well as ‘happy experiences’ – easily reverberated for an emotional reset.

When we identify with our wounds, we create a wounded self-image, says Ms McKusick. “The struggles and stressors of childhood and getting older … remain in our energy fields. Working with tuning forks we can …reclaim that spilt stuff. Think of it as entropy versus syntropy. Entropy is losing order over time, while syntropy is the restoration and creation of order.

The healing power of Tibetan singing bowls has been known for centuries. Image: pixabay

“When you’re feeling out of sync, the simplest way to get back into alignment is through your body’s inherent music or ‘heart song’. By awakening that inner music, sound therapy can help you tap into  – and transform through joy – the electromagnetic flow of information in and around the body. Our true essence is electrical. That’s why we say ‘the light has gone out’ when somebody dies.”

When I first came across Ms McKusick’s brilliant work, I googled ‘Biofield practitioners in South Africa’. The first name that came up was Wendy Leppard of The Space In Between. Imagine my joy when I discovered that Wendy’s practice was five minutes away from me. Even better, she had been personally trained by Ms McKusick. Talk about synchronicity!

Healing harmonies

I’ve now had two sessions with wonderful Wendy. Both times the sense of calm and balance afterwards has reverberated for days. Explains Wendy: “We each have a unique sound. That’s how voice recognition technology works. Embracing and nurturing our individuality like a finely-tuned instrument within a cohesive orchestra is the way to wellness. When the body is ‘out of tune’ the mind can become foggy and compromise the immune system. Gently guiding one’s electromagnetic system back into right order with the Biofield Tuning method accelerates healing and transformation through restoring our connection with the Divine.

“Biofield Tuning is one of the best ways to awaken the music dulled by discordant patterns caused by our journey through life. By engaging the vibrating symphony of waveforms that make up the body’s electrical and acoustic systems, we can restore harmony, regain our balance, and access those healing feelings of clarity and empowerment that guide us back to optimal health.

“Our bones are dynamic, crystalline and piezoelectric. When tuning forks coax our inner music back into coherence within our biofields, we can access our divine blueprints with ease and elegance. Thanks to the body’s crystalline nature, wellbeing is achieved using the body’s natural flow of energy that feeds the nervous system and oxygenates the blood. When the body’s voltage is up, it is naturally ph balanced. This creates a great environment for healthy cell functioning and general well being.

Setting The Tone

A low vibrational resonance feels harmonic to me. And Wendy agrees. She can tell a lot about a person simply by listening to the tone of their voice and the words they use. It’s true that the lower a man’s voice the higher his testosterone levels.

Vibrational medicine and subtle-energy sound therapies can help us resist ailments from chronic stress to memory loss, depression, insomnia and more. Anyone bio-energetically out of balance can lock into a healer’s principles of resonance and entrainment to create a more powerful sound.

Wendy Leppard’s one-hour sessions helped me get in tune in a way that helped me feel calm, balanced, and energised for days afterwards. I’ve been working on  maintain a higher frequency ever since. In my heart there rings a melody!