Caroline Hurry
Caroline Hurry

Top 10 twitter mistakes lodge owners make

  1. No time for tweets! Countless lodge owners don’t do twitter. This is a mistake as you miss out on the chance to interact with potential guests. A lack of response to twitter complaints or compliments is never good. If nobody from a venue or airline steps in to calm troubled waters, outrage escalates and reputations get tarnished.
  2. Spot the bot! Automatic reposts of Facebook or Instagram links are a no-no. Ditto bot responses to complaints. Both are very obvious and annoying.
  3. Ignoring mentions: Not acknowledging or responding to mentions comes across as rude.
  4. Yawn-inducing eulogies: Every tweet is a mini-infomercial about the awesomeness of your offering. This is fine, say, every six tweets, but at least share something interesting in between. Tell us what’s happening at your venue. That’s what potential guests want to know.
  5. No engagement: Twitter is about cyber conversations with others. Sharing views on solar electricity, water recycling or conservation, or just wading in on pertinent issues in your area can ‘personalise’ your venue.
  6. Begging for followers: It smacks of desperation, never a good look. Lose the automated ‘thanks for following’ DM that asks for Facebook and Instagram likes. Tsek!
  7. Just us: Not encouraging guests to share their images or experiences is a golden opportunity wasted. You should be retweeting them or inviting #FlashbackFriday moments.
  8. Hold the hashtags. Lots of #hashtags are fine for instagram but on twitter, too many look spammy.
  9. Boring biog: Your twitter biog provides a location, a link to your website, and …  er, that’s it. Here are some good biog writing tips from Hootsuite.
  10. Ignore competitors: What are your successful competitors doing right on twitter? Emulate their success or work out how you can go one better. Look around and let others spark you!
  • Don’t be a twit! If you’d like a shout out for your business, feel free to email me or a member of travelwrite’s editorial engineering team.