With most of the world still tied up in Covid-19 travel restrictions, St Lucia in the Caribbean is open to American tourists. Simon Hurry took the pictures.

Parrots pair up in the bougainvillea; palms rustle in the breeze. St Lucia, an emerald inlet fringed by tropical greenery, with the Pitons, a pair of dramatically tapered mountains, on its west coast, offers enticing travel options for all pockets.

The Pitons of St. Lucia as photographed by Simon Hurry from the famous Beacons restaurant.

Soak in in the volcanic mud baths of Soufrière, zipline through lush rainforests, or indulge in authentic island food. Explore abandoned sugar plantations, snorkel in crystal clear waters, chase brightly colored fish in the shadow of the Pitons.

The gorgeous swells of St Lucia show the Piton mountains in the background as seen from Malaka’s boat. Picture: Simon Hurry

Thanks to former Covid restrictions and tourism numbers plummeting, more than a few stately homes seemed abandoned with an increase in stray animals, says Simon Hurry, currently exploring the island’s sandy white beaches.

“One of the highlights has been exploring with Malaka, who works a boat service out of Pigeon Island National Trust for tourists. For $100 he will take you up the coast for a sightseeing and history tour. So if there are five of you it’s only $20.00 per person, a real bargain.”

Friendly, knowledgeable, and full of interesting snippets about this island, Simon says he cannot recommend Malaka highly enough. So if you are heading out to St Lucia, give him a call on  +758 725 2075 and experience life from a local perspective.

St Lucia pier. Picture: Simon Hurry