Do you crave a fulfilled life irrespective of age or circumstances? What would you create if nothing held you back? Read on, because the queens have everything you need.  Expect six elemental keys to mastery as they show you how to:

  1. Repurpose setbacks into assets, seize the reins, and shine.
  2. Reboot your emotions and intuitive abilities.
  3. Repattern any undesirable situations and express better realities.
  4. Restore your deepest connections.
  5. Recharge your power, authenticity, and strength.
  6. Regenerate more expansive possibilities.

Meet women who fanned flames, doused smoldering embers, and forged through adversity, to blaze new trails. Desert oracles, toxic legacies, slow-burning betrayals, and ancestral purification will ignite your world in the fire section

Discover water as a living being beyond human comprehension. Surf waves of change through tides of illusion. Dive deeper for more proficiency in emotional aquatics and dissolving heartaches. Expand your reign over shores of self-sufficiency with the Water Queen

Unveil the goddess as you discover the story behind Sleeping Beauty and other folk tales, such as Elli defeating the mighty Thor, or Adele Hugo sharing Hans Christian Andersen’s penchant for non-reciprocal men

In the air section, sonic prescriptions include sound, color, and Solfeggio frequencies to shift discordance into harmony. You’ll also read about goddesses pushing profits, etymology, word magic, notes, tones, and how lexicons affect your life

Step into a more resonant bandwidth with the Air Queen, cut through word spells, supercharge your intuitive abilities, speak to power, and take the fast train to SynchroniCity.

The sentience of trees, plants, and ecosystems will amaze you. Learn how to improve back pain, why hitting the gym is not that good for you, and the psychophysical method Hollywood stars swear by instead. Leave the hell of high heels, get grounded, and clean with the Earth Queen.

Find balance and better communication using the ancient five-element personality system. Discover connections between Marie Curie, Vladimir Putin, and Freddie Mercury. Rejoice in nature’s gold frequency – your origins or oro-djinns, where the Metal Queen shows you how to generate vital prana from home.

Move from the mundane to the magical with the Hygge Queen. Even if your body feels less like a temple and more like a semi-detached lean-to, hygge – an inclusive coherent frequency interchangeable with clarity, connection, pure love, possibility, and ultimate nourishment – is always available to you.

We are composites of each elemental queen in unique configurations. You will find yourself within these pages, especially if you’re willing to look beyond the doors of societal norms and reality behind the scenes.

There’s also a glossary of terms to explain a few concepts that might be new to you.

Unequal parts memoir, self-revelatory confessional, and Brave New World travelogue, this rollercoaster ride to sovereignty bridges continents, real-life experiences, a few rabbit holes, and a self-revelatory wellspring from which you can manifest anything.

Forget prescribed rituals, specific formulae, problem-solving practices, exercise regimes, or to-do lists. There’s nothing to do except undo. Shed the old you to make room for the new. It’s biological alchemy that transmutes yet never touches the totality of you

It’s never too late to get started. If you’re ready to exchange the threadbare rug of your current existence for a flying carpet into a more expanded reality, download the book right here.