Easy for Dayz, an innovative hybrid container home for hire in the upper part of quaint McGregor village in the Cape, was built as a tribute to the owner’s late brother

The hybrid construction of the house that sleeps four in two bedrooms, comprises a recycled shipping container wrapped with a wall and then plastered and whitewashed. The thick wall protects it from the SE and NW winds in summer and winter.

The hybrid house sleeps four in two bedrooms

Alonya and Jean Claude Van Rooyen conceived Easy for Dayz – ‘a special space, a treasure box of memories and container filled with dreams’ – as a tribute to Alonya’s late brother, Josh Jansen.

“‘Easy for Dayz’ was the stock response my brother would give me every time I asked him what he felt like doing or eating. ‘Dunno Sis, I’m easy for dayz,’ he’d say.

“My beloved brother was also my best friend, so I wanted to build something sustainable that embodied his thoughts around how life should be lived. It had to be innovative, creative, and bold, while still blending into the environment,” says Alonya.

Inside the hybrid house

The large overhang of the roof protects a deck that steps down onto the garden and creates an extension of the living space from large barn-style sliding doors.

It has a spacious, north facing patio, a large braai area with splash pool, two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Easy for Dayz images: thetravelmanuel