Writer’s Block

Till Smith Dix

So there was this freelance travel writer who couldn’t cut it as an editor – everyone was always ‘wrong’ and she’d simply walk out of the job

Unaware of her history I sent her to write about a difficult client for an upscale magazine. Little did I know this was her ‘last chance’ to redeem herself with the editor of this publication.

On her return the writer kindly sent the draft article to me for factual approval. Only thing is: she copied the client in, which created a drama on a tsunami scale.

The client, who fancied himself as a “bit of a writer” – don’t they all? – edited the article to read like an advertisement.

He may as well have flapped a red rag in front of an angry bull (or cow)! Then – heaven forbid – he discovered the writer, not KNOWING the range of peaks she was describing, had referred to them as “heavenly Blue Mountains.”

Fulled by plenty of whiskey – drinking being his favourite pastime – the client took it upon himself to edit the text in fireman’s red. He then forwards the edited copy to me, inadvertently copying in the writer. This might have been okay, had he not referred to her as a “moronic nightmare writer.”

The die was cast. Now the writer not only hated the client, but as the publicist, I too was made to feel the chill wind of her wrath. When she announced she’d never work with me UNTIL I gathered ‘decent’ clients, I decided to let this one go.

However, when I heard from the editor of the upscale magazine that she’d no longer use the writer’s services as a result of her “bipolar” behaviour, I felt a little better …