Xperience 2030 – #LetYouthCreateJobs


If you are interested in the Events Industry, Skills Village in Bez Valley is the place to be.

Janet Landey

“We are challenging a new generation of young entrepreneurs them to plan, prepare and produce unique event solutions that create jobs and offer a return on investment by leveraging value from events spend,” says Johannesburger Janet Landey, currently the World Chair of IFEA (International Festivals & Events Association).

The Xperience 2030 project showcases events that have been planned, prepared and produced by a new generation of young entrepreneurs. During the process, they have participated in the creation of a shared value cooperative, which is a Circular Social ‘Experience’ Economy. This creates events aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals.

“This process is turning eventing know-how into a cooperative vehicle for sustainable development solutions – delivering the best experiences, getting the job done right and making a difference in the lives of those empowered in the process under the slogan ‘Sustainable events for sustainable livelihoods’.”

Steven Wood Schmader, CFEE President & CEO, IFEA World describes events as the ‘core’ of the community.

“In a constantly changing, complex and often frightening world, there is a real need for consistent, trusted, safe and positive outlets that bring us all together. Outlets that are an essential part of building and ensuring common community visions and quality of life. That celebrate who we are when we are at our best. That serve as our community ‘calling cards’, he says.

“Those in our industry and those we partner with often talk about the economic impact of our events and organizations to the communities that we serve – a topic that has come up more often in the last decade as city, county, state, provincial, territorial and national governments look to justify their continued support (in cash and/or services) of those events.

“And, while the events (individually and combined) that make up our industry have no trouble justifying the economic infusions that they provide, it is the much larger and broader appreciation for and understanding of the ‘Community Capital’ that our industry has helped to build and provide around the world, that is the truly undervalued return in this equation.

“’Community Capital’ that creates and builds value for virtually every segment of the cities, countries and regions that we serve. ‘Community Capital’ that further gains in value during tough economic and politically turbulent times. ‘Community Capital’ that grows when nurtured and holds us all together as one. ‘Community Capital’ that can be fairly argued is a far better investment, with far greater returns – especially long-term – than most any other ‘economic stimulus’ alternative that I am aware of, and one which is especially difficult to replace if allowed to go away.

“Investing in the ‘Community Capital’ created by Festivals and Events may provide the most valuable, long-term, returns available to our global cities.”

On July 16, the visitors along with Collen Hlatshwayo from the Department of Arts and Culture will be treated to full day of activity including a chance to vote for the best ‘Sustainable Development Goal Table Top’, planned, prepared and produced by a new young generation of event decorators and designers.

A group of young entrepreneurs will present the IT Tech Hub possibilities and there will be a lunch at the Container Community Market – a concept highlighting a replicable and scalable model for communities in a cooperative movement.

At the ThemeXperience visitors will have a chance to say “Hi” to T-Waste – the new LOCK (Love Our City Kleen) generation young entrepreneurs operating in the recycling space, take a wander through the Market Stall – where a new generation of youth drive the process of Community Market Days in local communities that can be beneficiaries of Cooperative membership.

The day progresses with the Experience Economy Fashion Show with the theme ‘Work is Theatre & Every Business a Stage’ where young entrepreneurs will showcase the different ‘costumes’ designed and sewn and mentored by the Primary Sewing Cooperatives.

Finally, the visitors will have a chance to be part of The Sophiatown Experience and take a walk down memory lane to enjoy the sights and the sounds of the Sophiatown Era.

“The power of the IFEA brand to affect change, build credibility and create new opportunities for our industry – whether it is in Boise, Idaho or Johannesburg, South Africa – does not lie in a single person, event/organization, or location,” says Schmader.

“It lies in the strength of the whole, working together. It lies in all of us – every event and every event professional, in every community, state, province, territory, country, continent or region around the world – working every day to produce the highest quality events possible, exemplifying the credibility of our peers, participating on behalf of something larger than ourselves and our own organizations, and sharing visions that can change communities, change people and change the world for the better.

You are invited to join us – Book your tickets at https://www.quicket.co.za/events/77679-letyouthcreatejobs-xperience-2030-ifea-africa/