Everything about Yasmin Furmie – from her effervescent energy, to the inspired colour and combinations of her wardrobe and that signature silver (sometimes lilac) cropped hair – has made her something of an Instagram icon.

“My fashion choices defy expectation,” she says. Yasmin and her best friend Cynthia Allie are working on their latest range due this December, as part of SiSi, a capsule collection of white shirts they founded in 2016.

Her edgy appearance can also be attributed to her father who was “that stylish guy in the neighbourhood wearing Penny loafers and cowboy boots with jeans. There was a defiance in the way he dressed.”

When travelling fashion fundi Yasmin Furmie sticks to black-and-white clothing that she mixes and matches. Her suitcase of choice is always a Samsonite

Yasmin’s style is quietly masculine but quirky and colourful. In one of her Instagram posts, she writes: “We can all pull it off. It’s about a mindset. It’s about taking risks, playing outside the lines drawn by society and moving beyond expectations . Play, be adventurous, be wild, be whatever you want to be. Pjs for dinner and your son’s tux – go on and do it!”

Yasmin’s packing tips

  • Pack light: I’m bound to do some shopping on the other side – especially if it’s an international trip. I use a Samsonite Lite-box Spinner and a Cosmolite Spinner.
  • Basics: I stick to black-and-white clothing – a pair of black pants or skirt and or dress; a black leather jacket and/or blazer, and a pair of brogues, heels, and sandals, for dressing up or down.
  • Mix and match: I change up my basics from day to night with shoes or I add a cool shirt for a lunch or dinner.
  • Comfort and ease:  I always pack a pair of sneakers for the plane, and I use the lightest and smallest suitcase possible, so I don’t have to check it in.