Zanna Schilbach
Zanna Schilbach

Science and research have proven that human activity – and the thoughts , beliefs, and emotions that make up our intention – can directly influence weather patterns. In short; our attitudes may have a far greater impact on the environment than we realise.

Rain can be generous, replenishing and gentle.
Rain can be generous, replenishing and gentle.

Feelings of scarcity, thoughts like “there is not enough” or  “I am separate, powerless and what I say and do does not matter” all eventually manifest as waste, overuse, greed, pollution, and carelessness concerning our precious resources.

Many of our industries and products are an example of such disconnection that contributes to waste and abuse of our precious resources. Belief creates result so even “saving water” due to your belief in scarcity, will only result in a further lack of water.

Those who feel the gratitude for our magnificent Earth and her life sustaining elements and resources; those who feel “there is enough”, who want to create a better life for all, will co-create the solutions so much needed now, regarding water.

Bring on the rain 101

  • Love and feel grateful for our amazing Earth and her abundant life-sustaining resources.
  • Know that rain is replenishing the water supply. Never refer to rain as “bad weather”
  • Rain can be generous, replenishing and gentle so welcome the rainy season when it comes. Know there is plenty of sunshine in between (so do not complain).
  • Use water with gratitude
  • Inventions that can “make water (such as desalinating seawater, for example) must be created from a clear and good intention, never from greed or just the need to make money.
  • Our thoughts are like invisible beams of energy, just like cell phone and WiFi  transmissions.
  • Our thoughts matter and affect the atmosphere.
  • Our gratitude for the abundance of nature can guide us toward a better use of our life-giving resources, and create industries that produce what we need in abundance without pollution.
  • I live in a universe that wishes me well.