Thursday, December 7, 2023

Crazy Times!

Stay informed but become picky about what you allow through your eyes, ears, and mouth. Curate your entertainment feed.

Going the extra Nile

Is a cruise down the Nile worth it? That depends on your boat. Some river cruise vessels are fit for a pharaoh. This was not one of them.

Gardening Books

Three books on gardening, self-sufficiency and suburban homesteading from regrowing vegetables to homespun remedies

10 Travel Writing Tips

Immerse armchair travelers into worlds unseen. Here are 10 travel writing insider secrets on how to keep your readers engaged!

Make Waves With Splash it!

Splash It! 99 Customizable Press Release Tools, Texts & Layout Templates sparks creativity with insider secrets and Media Whispering hacks

Terf Wars

There was a time when decent, masculine men – gay or straight ‒ defended our rights because a society that does not protect its women and children is doomed. Only deluded minds believe a woman has a penis because a man in a dress is a man, no less. Prove me wrong.

Between a wok and a hard place

Later in a restaurant, with an instrumental version of How Much is that Doggie in the Window tinkling in the background, I  contemplated the communal spread. A steamed frog atop a pile of noodles and a chicken with the head still attached, failed to whet my appetite.


Unequal parts memoir, self-revelatory confessional, and Brave New World travelogue, this rollercoaster ride to sovereignty bridges continents, real-life experiences, a few rabbit holes, and a self-revelatory wellspring from which you can manifest anything.

Squeezed Inn

PAMELA COOPER checks into a London broom cupboard

Clock Shock

Lapland is Europe’s last wilderness with salmon-stocked lakes and forests filled with brown bears, lynx, foxes, elk and reindeer.

Starry Eyed

PAMELA COOPER offers 13 rules on how to behave at a celestial gathering

St Petersburg Metro

Saint Petersburg’s metro is one of the world's busiest with five subway lines, 67 stations, 3 000 trains and 2.5 million passengers a day

The fire of life

Fire is an essential event in the fynbos community. Without fires for lengthy periods, some species, such as proteas, start degenerating.

Advice for the starry-eyed

Back in another space-time continuum, when you could smoke on planes, go clubbing in Hillbrow, and 'knock three times on the ceiling' if you...

Awaken the Muse-ic

Johannesburg-based Biofield Tuner and Sound Therapist Wendy Leppard can help restore harmony and renew our life force.

Lockdown Lessons

On discovering how many of my Facebook friends are virtue signallers, curtain twitchers, conspiracy theorists and pedantic pedagogues

Flow like water

Human activity can directly influence weather patterns. and our attitudes may have a far greater impact on the environment than we realise

Lebanon Lament!

Janine Lazarus visited Beiruit about five years before the August 2020 blast. She went to facilitate Crisis Communications Training to executives but said she struggled to get a sense of the real Lebanon due to sectarian allegiances

Celestial Spectacle

Officially, the aurora-borealis comprises electrically charged particles from the sun colliding with gas molecules but the more arcane among us know these celestial emanations mark the entrance to a twilight paradise lit by a twin sun, where assorted beings, including Germans from the Vril Society, a few pixies, giants, and Lemurian descendants, have lived in perfect health for hundreds of years

DRD4-7R, the wanderlust gene

As we enter Level 3 Lockdown, I wager that if you tested all the so-called business travellers in planes and cars, many would show up positive for the DRD4-7R gene, having got their papers in mint camouflage condition.

Sliding off the tracks

As Prasa railroads passengers, is it worth paying more for Rovos Rail or the Blue Train? They, too, are subject to signal problems and endless delays. Will Prasa get back on track?