Tuesday, October 15, 2019

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It Mostar Be Love!

Refined by the minarets of many mosques rising like middle-fingered salutes to the Serbians, Mostar lurks in a birch-forested valley.  Across the river, twice the length of the tallest minaret, stands the Croats’ new Catholic Church spire. And on the hilltop high above the town, a cross heralds what might be an uneasy truce, but time will tell.

Albanian Adventure

Albania, on the western side of the Balkan Peninsula bordered by Montenegro, Kosovo, Greece and Macedonia, and 72km from Italy, offers sandy beaches, great food, UNESCO world heritage sites, a 300,000-year history and 300 days of sunshine.

Roadhouse Blues

Frequented in the 80s by a local motorbike gang hooked on casual dining and women of easy virtue, The White Pigeon's sign got damaged and The White Pig’ throbbed out in garish neon for years. That roadhouse is no more, but these establishments are still going

Paradise at a price

While South Africa gets hung out to dry in mephitic gusts seasoned with instability, corruption, and unfavourable tax laws, the Biltong Brigade are finding meatier prospects elsewhere

Arisen from the ashes

A short scenic drive from Cape Town's CBD within easy reach of the Constantia winelands and Cape Point, Tintswalo Atlantic has reopened following a devastating fire in February

Noshing in Nørrebro

Snatches of memory come and go in flashbulb moments – a handsome young waiter, a strawberry and rhubarb something or another, then lurching into the last train home (after midnight). Comfy seats are perfectly conducive to a little shut-eye between destinations and snoring on the trains late at night is practically a Danish pastime
Yawn-inducing eulogies to the awesomeness of your venue, gets old, fast. It's fine, say, every six tweets, but at least share something interesting in between. Tell us about a hen sitting on her eggs for days. Show us the chicks when they hatch. Did something amusing happen with a guest? Tell us about it


Boarding Blues

The downside of being seated early is being smacked with baggage! In queues, men turn their upper bodies to talk to the person behind them, forgetting the rucksack that has to go somewhere in this process. 

Caroline Hurry

Editor in chief

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Portugal on a Budget

Portugal is growing in popularity as a travel destination. Find out whether it is possible to experience all the country has to offer if you’re on a budget.

The Rickshaw Run

The stories that come back from the Runs speak of glorious sunsets over the Ganges, over sexed cows bonding with locals over moustaches, racing around go-cart tracks, traditional festivals or lazy afternoons teaching local children to play golf.

Sails and Marketing

Traditionally, ruling the waves has meant waiving the rules.  Ship owners in wealthy maritime nations have registered their vessels in countries with no minimum wages, labour standards, corporate taxes, or environmental regulations; in short, every corporation’s dream.

Luxury on board

From my bed I'd watch a Bloody Mary sunrise fortifying the day, then set off for breakfast at Terrace Café, followed by a cookery class, where I learnt to make scones and  a frittata. I believe I can fry!

On track with the bushmen

The Ju/'hoanis track and hunt with bow and poisoned arrow, and the fittest amongst them engage in persistence hunting – pursuing an animal until it drops from exhaustion. They have the extraordinary ability – passed down generations for tens of thousands of years – to track wildlife across almost any terrain, interpreting the animal behaviour as they go.

Fynbos Foot Safari

Expert trail guides will reveal the 11000-hectare reserve’s unique biodiversity, eco systems, Big Five, and multiple species of antelope in a fynbos-covered, malaria free landscape