Saturday, September 21, 2019

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Betting on Bornholm

At Gudhjem’s Broddan restaurant, overlooking red roofs down to the glittering sea, we tucked into “Gold over Gudhjem” – rye bread topped with smoked herring, radish and a raw egg yolk. A folkdance for the mouth, it’s washed down with 38 percent alcohol Akvavit, which livened up the post-prandial walks a tad.

Paradise with brass knobs on

The magnificent Lord Howe island. Picture: Mike Gebicki
As well as its birds, its fish, its walks, its quirky island ways, Lord Howe Island is a drug, a potent personality-altering substance. This is the way the world should be – paradise, with brass knobs on.

A Tour de Norse

Since Norway is eye-wateringly expensive – think R500 for a pizza or R180 for a beer – we filled a cooler box with our favourite foods and wines; later consumed al fresco amid soul-cleansing scenery, or surreptitiously on hotel balconies, at a fraction of restaurant prices.

Summer at Tau Game Lodge

Plants that flourish in summer after the spring rains burst with life, attracting migrating birds.Summer is therefore a magical time to visit five-star Tau Game Lodge in the Madikwe Reserve, where conservation is key.

Keys to Paradise

Key West, Florida is always warm with that balmy humidity that induces long, slow lunches that lead into long, slow dinners, washed down with chilled beer or wine and followed at evening’s end with a sample (or several) from The Rum Bar

Stockholm Syndrome

A stroll through Gamla Stan, the original medieval Stockholm, unfolds teasing reflections of baroque buildings broken up by sailing boats in the filigree of waterways. Alleys twinkle through arches. Everywhere, the water calls to you.
Officially, the aurora-borealis comprises electrically charged particles from the sun colliding with gas molecules but the more arcane among us know these celestial emanations mark the entrance to a twilight paradise lit by a twin sun, where assorted beings, including Germans from the Vril Society, a few pixies, giants, and Lemurian descendants, have lived in perfect health for hundreds of years


Gnome on the Range

Here in the Karoo, either you’re a gnome person or you’re just passing through.Chris Marais brought Walter and Pudding Face to our home in Cradock some years ago and ensconced them in the lavender patch next to the water tank at the back.

Caroline Hurry

Editor in chief

Peripatetic founder and editor of travelwrite, Caroline focuses only on stuff that sparks joy, which includes forays into foreign lands, word herding, weaving tales, curating destinations, and discovering trails. To create some sparkle, visit our What We Offer page and let's see how we can work together


The Rickshaw Run

The stories that come back from the Runs speak of glorious sunsets over the Ganges, over sexed cows bonding with locals over moustaches, racing around go-cart tracks, traditional festivals or lazy afternoons teaching local children to play golf.

Portugal on a Budget

Portugal is growing in popularity as a travel destination. Find out whether it is possible to experience all the country has to offer if you’re on a budget.

Sails and Marketing

Traditionally, ruling the waves has meant waiving the rules.  Ship owners in wealthy maritime nations have registered their vessels in countries with no minimum wages, labour standards, corporate taxes, or environmental regulations; in short, every corporation’s dream.

Luxury on board

From my bed I'd watch a Bloody Mary sunrise fortifying the day, then set off for breakfast at Terrace Café, followed by a cookery class, where I learnt to make scones and  a frittata. I believe I can fry!

Fynbos Foot Safari

Expert trail guides will reveal the 11000-hectare reserve’s unique biodiversity, eco systems, Big Five, and multiple species of antelope in a fynbos-covered, malaria free landscape

Making tracks

Guided walks with visits to fine wine country cellars is a memorable and unique way of exploring the region while fueling up on fun, fresh air and South Africa's best Pinot Noir.