Thursday, November 26, 2020

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Travel with a twist: Inner and outer journeys

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Plan a trip off-road

Follow these essential off-road tips from Mitsubishi Motors ambassador Francois Rossouw, (71) before you go

FedAir’s 50% fares

FedAir’s customer fares are being made flexible as a future game changer within the luxury safari lodge shuttle and charter airline business.

Shamwari special

Two of the seven lodges at Shamwari Private Game Reserve are open for bookings with specials expiring on December 20

Full Steam Ahead

The Sandstone Spring Steam Festival in the Eastern Free State, just north of cherry-picking capital Ficksburg, is on track this November 19 to 22

Haunting tours

Is visiting famous gravesites a weird tourism trend? Gordon Prentice doesn't think so

Karoo Roads

Julienne du Toit and Chris Marais have come out swinging after the COVID lockdown and doing what they do best: recounting the beloved stories of the Heartland of South Africa.

Caroline's Blog

Biofield Tuning is an effective drug-free way to treat pain and restore systemic balance. Johannesburg-based Biofield Tuner and Sound Therapist Wendy Leppard can help restore harmony and renew our life force.

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Safari and conservation

A place for primates

Caroline Hurry explores the southern Kruger Park area