Friday, August 23, 2019

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Celebrating a century

A BOAC Comet 1 G-ALYP photographed in May 1952
To mark its anniversary British Airways has opened its  Centenary Archive Collection of images and videos including images of some of the aircraft which pioneered the early African routes to its brand-new Club suite.

Virtual Reality First for BA

British Airways customers will be transported to their own 3D cinema in the skies as the airline exclusively trials a new virtual reality headset in a UK first.

Solid and satisfying

Visiting Ardmore Guest Farm in a Honda BR-V leaves James Siddall feeling rather like one of Jay Gatsby’s boats … beating on against the current, borne ceaselessly back into the past

Sharing Abelana

Conveniently located between Hoedspruit and Phalaborwa, adjacent to the Greater Kruger's Balule Nature Reserve and neighbouring Selati Private Game Reserve, Abelana Game Reserve includes a 10km stretch of the semi-perennial Selati River.

Take a hike

With its flora and fauna, beautiful mountain and ocean vistas coupled with an intriguing animal population, South Africa is the ideal place to explore on foot. A trek allows you to experience all the sights, smells, sounds and sensations of the landscapeFor experienced trekkers, the Garden Route is one of the most rewarding areas to hike.

Flying down the sharp end

Last year I decided that my advancing years meant that I should pay more attention to the adverts on the radio and upgrade to First Class. I rationalized the extra cost with the fact that I had very few accommodation costs in the UK,  had no children to support and that I bloody well deserved it.
Yawn-inducing eulogies to the awesomeness of your venue, gets old, fast. It's fine, say, every six tweets, but at least share something interesting in between. Tell us about a hen sitting on her eggs for days. Show us the chicks when they hatch. Did something amusing happen with a guest? Tell us about it


You can’t be Sirius!

Mistaking my hesitation for shyness, he hauls me to my feet and propels me to a quiet spot away from the group, the better to bend my ear.“Know how to find Alpha and Beta Centauri?” he asks. Who cares? I'd much rather find a G&T!

Caroline Hurry

Editor in chief

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Portugal on a Budget

Portugal is growing in popularity as a travel destination. Find out whether it is possible to experience all the country has to offer if you’re on a budget.

Pit Stops for Padkos

Forget tepid tea and stale sarmies, buy your basics from one of South Africa’s ubiquitous roadside farm stalls en route to your destination and enjoy your food al fresco. It’s an integral part of every road trip

Sails and Marketing

Traditionally, ruling the waves has meant waiving the rules.  Ship owners in wealthy maritime nations have registered their vessels in countries with no minimum wages, labour standards, corporate taxes, or environmental regulations; in short, every corporation’s dream.

Luxury on board

From my bed I'd watch a Bloody Mary sunrise fortifying the day, then set off for breakfast at Terrace Café, followed by a cookery class, where I learnt to make scones and  a frittata. I believe I can fry!

Ivory under scrutiny

CITES has confirmed its commitment to closure of domestic ivory markets agreeing by consensus to focus on remaining legal markets like Japan and the EU

A Bouquet of Awards 

 Fairlawns Boutique Hotel & Spa in Johannesburg, recently won two Awards at the World Luxury Spa and Restaurant Awards Ceremony at The State Hermitage Museum Official Hotel in St Petersburg, Russia.