An ocean safari with a percentage of all trip fees flowing into marine conservation projects might be just what the doctor ordered

Situated at Seaforth Beach in Simon’s Town amid the Table Mountain National Parks Boulders precinct, world famous for its endangered African Penguins Shark Warrior Adventures, part of the AfriOceans Conservation Alliance, offers guided sea kayaking, snorkeling, Stand Up Paddling (SUP) and ocean safari excursions with fully trained and accredited guides.

The Centre is the brainchild of marine conservationists Lesley Rochat (aka the Shark Warrior, founder and CEO of AfriOceans), marine educationist Terry Corr (Head of Education at AfriOceans), and conservation journalist and author Jon Monsoon.

“We want people to become proactive guardians of Nature through transformative human-nature experiences,” says Terry Corr.

During lockdown  the marine conservationists have been whetting people’s appetites on their Facebook page with video footage such as this one of Lesley Rochat free diving in kelp forests with cowsharks.

  • False Bay is home to great white sharks, southern right and killer whales, cape fur seals, shy sharks, gully sharks, cow sharks, rays and fish species. Coastal birds include Cape gannets, the endangered white-breasted cormorants, African black oystercatchers and migratory terns, shearwaters and gulls.
  • Seaforth Beach is a Pilot Blue Flag beach