Back in another space-time continuum, when you could smoke on planes, go clubbing in Hillbrow, and ‘knock three times on the ceiling’ if you wanted someone, I sent Linda Shaw to an astrologer for her birthday, where she found her calling.  So I like to think I played a small part in that, though destiny does have a way of catching up with you.

Linda has been doing astrology now for   – oh, I dunno, a few hundred years –  so who better to pen another brilliant book sprinkling stardust over the chaos that stalks so many modern relationships.

Horoscope Hotties is a Zodiac cheat sheet for anyone trying to understand emotional literacy with their significant other better. So if you’ve ever had a man worship you like a goddess, then knock you off your pedestal with temper tantrums; this is the book for you.

What, if any, are the upsides to dating an Aries man? How about an instruction manual on how to deal with the Sagittarian stud who blows hot and cold? Well, here it is: Horoscope Hotties is a handy guide that provides invaluable insight into the inner workings of every star sign and how to turn them on (and off again, if necessary)

Written in Linda Shaw’s witty, high-spirited gung-ho style, this easily digestible Zodiac playbook will help you better understand the subtle strengths, weaknesses, and compatibility levels each sign brings to your relationship table. If you’re seeking advice on dealing with your current beau or a potential love interest, this book, based on firm astrological foundations, will give you the inside scoop. Learn how to:

*create harmony,

*avoid conflict,

*understand your motivations,

*identify your best astrological matches,

*work with planetary cycles,

*take charge of your relationships, and

* find true cosmic love.

Linda Shaw’s progressive approach to bonding encompasses compatibility across a spectrum of potential pairings as you learn what motivates a Piscean or how best to connect with a Scorpio. Within its 130 pages, you’ll find help and guidance for every star-crossed situation, from improving your relationship with a Cancerian to flirting with a Gemini or borrowing money from a Virgo.

Understanding your partner’s underlying and unchangeable psychological traits enables you to appreciate and manage your relationships better.

Linda Shaw has been providing psychic balms to South Africans for decades. Subscribe to her YouTube channel here.

Horoscope Hotties by Linda Shaw is published by: 10 10 10
Price: R300