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Spoof-proof Yourself

Tales from the Cyber Crypt explores the chilling world of 2024 AI cybercrime.

St Petersburg Metro

Saint Petersburg’s metro is one of the world's busiest with five subway lines, 67 stations, 3 000 trains and 2.5 million passengers a day

Fairmont, San Francisco

The Fairmont in San Francisco is the one place you’re likely to bump into somebody rich and famous in the splendid lobby with its marble Corinthian columns, vaulted ceilings, velvet chairs, and wraparound staircase.

Heavenly Dome

Around 2600-miles north of its Patagonian tail, the Atacaman head of serpentine Chile snakes into Bolivia, Peru, and Argentina. Stripped down to shape and shadow, this desiccated Disneyland lures adventurers, archaeologists, and astronomers alike.

Going with Flow

Do you feel more true blue than red hot on Valentine’s Day? You’re not alone. Wait. You are alone. That’s the blues thing. Unless you have a few half-sized bottles of sparkling wine - and we know how long those last - there's not much fun in popping the cork for one.

A Survival Guide

Opinions flow like wine and critics have a penchant for sour grapes. How do you cope with a scathing review? Read on if it applies to you.

Make A Bundle

The Writer's File is a kick-ass guide packed with common-sense solutions, outside-the-box ideas, and easy-to-follow practical tactics. Free tools, DIY editing hacks, and chatbot prompts enable you to ditch the guesswork, surf the visibility swells, and navigate the self-publishing seas.

Crazy Times!

Stay informed but become picky about what you allow through your eyes, ears, and mouth. Curate your entertainment feed.

Going the extra Nile

Is a cruise down the Nile worth it? That depends on your boat. Some river cruise vessels are fit for a pharaoh. This was not one of them.



Diving Into Fashion

Jen Su showcases the Miami lifestyle, with beauty, fashion, and creativity – swimwear in sustainable fabrics and innovative technology

Testosterone Zone

Chan Chan: the largest city in pre-Columbian (pre-Spanish) South America, population of around 50,000, existed between 900AD and around 1500, when the Inca decided to conquer and allow it to decline.

Between a Rock

The Peruvian desert, that includes most of the nation's western flank between the Andes Mountains and Pacific Ocean, is not of any exceptional width, between 100km and 200km. But it is a long land of nigh nothing, a moonscape, running near the length of the country, 3,000km, 10 percent of the nation..

LA Hotel Ups the Heat

Havana Nights brings the rhythms of Cuba to the heart of Los Angeles, breathing in new life with vibrant décor reminiscent of 1950s Havana and a spirited menu in partnership with SelvaRey Rum

Spoof-proof Yourself

Tales from the Cyber Crypt explores the chilling world of 2024 AI cybercrime.