Caroline here, wishing you everything your heart desires in 2024.

I intend to welcome the New Year like I did the last one – dodging beery lips or resolution roulette – chilling at home doing whatever I like.

Writing a quick newsletter was not high on my list of priorities. Then, I remembered somebody preordered The Writer’s Toolkit, expecting it to drop onto their Kindle or smartphone on Monday.

Does Amazon let customers who preorder something know if the title got unpublished and archived? You tell me!

Of course, if it was you who preordered in vain, please let me know. I’ll make it up to you! Ditto the PDF if you had a review copy. Sorry!

At the 11th hour, Amazon dropped the title bomb on me – no tools, no toolkit. Readers would expect spanners and wrenches, not witty wordplay.

Ingram Spark, the world’s second biggest book distributor, had no problem with the original title, but they don’t let you ‘delete’ a book once you’ve published it, even on preorder. Sigh.

Quick as a snail-snatching hen, I changed the title to The Writer’s File and got a new ISBN. Life’s too short to bicker with Amazon.

Still, it was a mission. I learned that if you unpublish a book on preorder, Amazon will penalize you by not allowing you to put another book on preorder for a year!

However, when I told Amazon I was only unpublishing TWT on their say-so ‒ you’re not allowed to change a title once it has an ISBN, they relented and let me put The Writer’s File on preorder instead.

It’s a bundle, a great idea for writers who have written two or more books in a series.

So whether you’re a multi-award-winning suspense author like Leslie Marshman or you write about women’s issues like Yvonne Aileenit’s worth thinking about putting two or more books into a bundle.

Well, that’s what I did for New Year, where The Writer’s File is on preorder for 99c.

The motivation is to get lots of downloads and reviews. Well, we live in hope. Is it a good tactic? Who knows? Ask me in three months or so.

The truth is, I’m keen to be done with it. I want to crack on with my next book about hen keeping and homesteading.

How about you? I’d love to hear about your WIP. (Work in Progress)

Whatever you decide to do, here’s wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year!