As life takes its cultural cues from Demolition Man, The Walking Dead, and Barbie, the lines between truth and fiction become increasingly harder to discern

Your best weapon is discernment. If politicians and their virtue-signaling enablers freak you out, stop listening to them. Stay informed, but become picky about what you allow through your eyes, ears, and mouth. Curate your entertainment feed. Spotify is a treat and well worth the Premium sign-up fee. If you love jazz, add Barbora Tellinger to your playlist. You’ll be so glad you did.

My best solution to

Stretch your body

Vanessa Burger in her Thailand studio.

If your back goes out more than you do, a good stretch always helps. Even 10 minutes a day is better than nothing. Vanessa of Anahata Yoga Shala offers classes from her glorious studio open to the ocean on the remote Koh Phangan Island in Thailand. Free-spirited Vanessa is a tonic and an inspiration. Two years a car knocked her down and broke her femur, but she has bounced back better and more vital than ever, as you can see from the image! She says: “A year ago, I couldn’t walk. Now I’m learning to FLY! Namasté, Vanessa Goddessa!

Upcycle and grow

Cultivate flowers and vegetables. Transform gardens into indigenous wildlife havens for birds, bees, and butterflies; even if you only have a balcony, you can make a plan. Repurpose an old salad spinner as a hanging basket. Plant terrariums – terraria? – and placed spider plants on pebbles in jars of water to bring peace to my surroundings. You’ll find tons of inspirational ideas on YouTube. Here are  Here’s one on planting indoor gardens in jars.

Breathe, breathe, breathe.

Things go better with oxygen. No matter what might be troubling you, breathing to the beat of Wim Hof’s beginner classes is a 10-minute pick-me-up. I like to alternate between French, Spanish, and German but jargon aside; it’s an immediate help to banish anxiety. Here’s the Wim Hof playlist for beginners

Tune up your frequencies.

As Nicola Tesla said, the secrets of the universe are found in energy, frequency, and vibration. Biofield Tuning can restore our systemic balance. Eileen McKusick, the author of the Biofield Anatomy Hypothesis, says our life’s blueprint reflects vibrations that relate to our emotional and physical states. Johannesburg-based sound balancer Wendy Leppard, (right) who trained with Ms. McKusic, uses tuning forks to magnetically track patterns in the biofield and reverberate the tonal quality for an emotional reset. Wendy is brilliant beyond words. Her sound baths with her crystal bowls – getting goosebumps at the thought!-  enthuse me with indescribable joie-de-vivre. Wendy has just upgraded her website. Do check it out here!

Pursue only what sparks joy.

This Marie Kondo concept applies as well to people and situations. Emotional spring cleaning and social pruning can be more satisfying than sorting out a cupboard shelf. Help others by all means, but fearful, harmful, or aggressive people will only drag you down. Ditch them, I say. Hit the social media block button if you have to. The relief is sweet!

This is a tale of two cities ‒ Scare City and Synchroni-City. You can choose to stay in either for as long as you like. Assorted soul snatchers prey on the unwary in dark, shadowy, overcrowded Scare City. Power cuts are copious. Electricity is sporadic. Try not to spend a nanosecond here if you can help it.

Conversely, good things happen in the sun-dappled suburbs of Synchroni-City, my preferred abode, where little miracles abound, and the view becomes much clearer along the high roads of Authenticity, Sagacity, and Simplicity. That’s what Reign is all about.

Looping trains of thought will speed you to either place. They look alike from the outside, so getting into the wrong carriage is easy. In such cases,

Save money on security.

If you employ a security firm, give the guards your wifi password as an incentive to stay close by. If you can’t afford security, put up an “ALCOHOL for sale” sign – you’ll have the cops watching your house in no time!