A joyous and enlightening harvest!

Companion Planting Gardening Guide for Beginners by Ninon McKeon
Companion Planting Gardening Guide for Beginners: The Ultimate Science-Based Guide to Successful Gardening Through Companion Planting for Healthier, Mighty, and Bountiful Tiny Farm
By Ninon McKeon 

What a hoot of a read! Ninon McKeon’s book on companion planting is a prize-winner as he takes us through the quirks of plant relationships with a delightful touch of humor.
Who would’ve thought that sunflowers and corn make terrible neighbors? Not only do sunflowers gobble up resources, stifling smaller plants, but they’re also guilty of releasing toxic chemicals that throw potato growth off balance.
This book doesn’t just point out the bad apples in the garden; it provides solutions, too. McKeon offers tips on encouraging plant compatibility, turning potential foes into allies in the garden’s microcosm.
His inclusion of the “three sisters fables” adds a delightful touch.
I love how McKeon shares knowledge and a rich family history of gardening. Inspired by his mother’s green thumb in a challenging soil environment, he peppers the book with fascinating insights.
He emphasizes that understanding why plants do or don’t get along is just as important as knowing what each crop needs to thrive.
Good companion planting techniques can boost yields by up to 25 percent. The practical advice offered can make a real difference in your garden’s productivity. This is one I will refer to time and again!

A Green Revolution in a Grocery Cart!

The Regrower’s Handbook by Kelly Reed

The Regrower’s Handbook: A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Sufficiency. Use Your Groceries to Regrow Fruit, Vegetables, Herbs, and Mushrooms From Roots, Shoots, Cuttings, Scraps, and Seeds

By Kelly Reed 

Kelly Reed’s ingenious and practical approach to regrowing vegetables and fruits from store-bought produce is a game-changer for anyone on a budget.