Attention is scarce. Competition is fierce. Budget restraints preclude hiring a publicist. You have to market your product or venue yourself, but how to start? Look no further. This press release prompt guide has everything you need to succeed.

Splash It! 99 Customizable Press Release Tools, Texts & Layout Templates will spark your creativity with media-friendly texts, customizable A4 layout templates to maintain brand personality and crafty Media Whispering hacks. Aimed at beginners and busy professionals, Splash It! simplifies press releases, proposals, showcasing offerings, and troubleshooting.

Authored by an award-winning journalist, Splash It! helps you Share, Participate, Launch, Announce, Showcase, Host, Introduce, and Troubleshoot – guides the novice with customized exercises.

Two of the customizable templates in Splash It! One is to launch a book. The other is an invitation to a Familiarization tour.

A bonus chapter from her upcoming fifth book, Write – 6 Successful Self-publishing Strategies on a Shoestring (Hygge Books, October 2023), exposes common misconceptions, urging against spamming journalists with ‘one-size-fits-all announcements.

Says Caroline Hurry, “The need for DIY marketing for freelancers and home business owners uncovered a niche for ‘paint-by-paragraphs type’ prompts, customizable layout templates, and troubleshooting strategies. Splash It! is a starting point for anyone needing to promote an upcoming book, product, skill, announcement, familiarization tour, or venue.”

Level up your marketing game with free tools and insider tips. Drench the world in your genius. Dip in anywhere, jumpstart your creativity, and make waves with Splash It!

Splash It! 99 Customizable Press Release Tools, Texts & Layout Templates
(Publisher: Hygge Books)
Author: Caroline Hurry
Price: $2.99 Amazon Kindle version
Publication Date: August 1, 2023
Availability: Amazon and other leading book outlets soon

  • Available from Amazon in Kindle, paperback, and hardcover formats.