How’s the writing going? How often have you felt like chucking it in the bucket? It took Robert Benchley “15 years to discover I had no talent for writing, but I couldn’t give it up because by then I was too famous.”

It took me 15 months to discover publishing on Amazon involved more than writing, but I couldn’t give it up because by then, I had an LLC in Delaware and steep annual fees to pay!

My first remuneration from Amazon was one cent. A start, you might say. Even as I wondered why they bothered; I realized it was the AI.

Ah, yes, the AI – the sharp knife you can use to cut a generous slice of carrot cake or stab someone.

Stella Firewall, whose book Tales from the Cyber Crypt is garnering rave reviews, found AI invaluable in speeding up her book production. You can ask AI to tabulate your research or rewrite it in a journalistic format with three subheadings and five main points under each. Boom!

Tales from the Cyber Crypt explores the chilling world of 2024 AI cybercrime. Imagine banks losing millions of dollars in one fell swoop with scammers digitally cloning top executives so convincingly that it’s nearly impossible to detect. This is our reality, and Stella’s book is your guide to protecting yourself.

Cyber romance scams, pig butchering – fattening up the target for the slaughter, Ransomware, iPhone trojans pretending to be government officials – it’s all in there.

Stella Firewall doesn’t just expose the dangers of cybercrime, she equips you with over 69 practical ways to protect yourself. For instance, she suggests leaving your cell phone with your banking app on it at home and using a second phone for calls when you’re out.

Today, if your phone is stolen, your bank account can be emptied in seconds. The bank can’t send you warning messages or even an OTP! It’s safe to say you won’t have a good day. This is the harsh reality of cybercrime and why Stella Firewall’s book is so crucial.

Don’t miss your chance to secure a copy of Tales from the Cyber Crypat the special preorder price of 99c. This offer won’t last long, and it’s your best defense against becoming one in four adults scammed by voice–cloning technology, as reported by McAfee researchers. Act now to protect yourself.

May the inkwell fairy swirl her magical pen over your pages. On days when the words play hide-and-seek, let the story breathe while you dance with inspiration elsewhere.

Until next time,


PS: AI wrote the cheesy ‘inkwell fairy’ sentence for me. Could you tell?