Colin Windell
Colin Windell

Almost everyone has had a thought, however fleeting, of a deserted beach where, lying in the sun, they are fed chilled grapes by hand while a dusky maiden (or dude) wafts a palm frond to keep flies at bay and create a cooling breeze

You get the picture – so that is where we stop, before it topples into erotica.

The 2 km beach, on the south east coast of Mozambique.
The 2 km beach …

Actually, there is a place called White Pearl Resorts, not that far away, where nearly 2km of pristine beach beckons sun worshippers. Situated in Ponta Mamoli on the south east coast of Mozambique, it is just 25 km from the Kosi Bay Border Post and nestles in a sheltered bay on Mozambique’s Lagoon Coast about 100 km south of the Maputo.

There are two ways to get there – by land or by air. The latter is the most popular as the resort offers helicopter fly-ins from Maputo airport at around $700 return…yes, dollars. Everything is quoted in US currency although it is whispered South Africans can get a Rand rate if they ask nicely.

The south east coast of Mozambique
The White Pearl terrace.

The land route is for braver souls and a 4×4 vehicle is a necessity. There is no actual road, only a myriad of confusing tracks ploughing through the white beach sand and scrub. A knowledge of how to drive in thick sand is also advisable, failing which guests can leave their vehicles at the border and the hotel (again for dollars) will send their own to do the transport – a trip that takes at least an hour.

Sumptuous bed at the Pearl Resort
Sumptuous bed at the Pearl Resort

The fully inclusive rate covers all meals, high tea, local beer, wine, and the contents of the mini bar – useful to know when room service could interrupt that perfect moment at your private plunge pool. Each unit has its own pool and day beds overlooking the ocean. There’s also an outside shower and the luxurious room is designed with as much glass as possible to maximise the Indian Ocean view.

For the more sociable, there are pool options right on the beach with liquid refreshment in close proximity and more than enough willing waiters to keep ‘em coming. There are no distractions at White Pearl. It is all about relaxing and being pampered, and yes, there is the choice of professional pampering at the Spa.

The meals are sumptous, Enough said. So, even if we erase the waving palm fronds and hand-feeding, there is still more than plenty in luxury to qualify White Pearl for the dream, one you will wish you never have to wake from.

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Colin Windell is a petrolhead, rock music addict, and apprentice retiree who has managed all three into a love of travel that specifically excludes security and most airline staff He has worked on newspapers and magazines in South Africa and England and currently bides his time between excursions at an intimate watering hole on the KZN South Coast thinking about where he would like to be. Having missed it the first time around he would like to ‘drop out’ before he actually drops dead.