Val Brown Watt

The artist Val Brown Watt immortalises your pets in pastels when she’s not sharing her skills in painting workshops


Two happy spaniels ready to jump up and give you a kiss, a beloved cat so intricately detailed, you can almost hear the purr, these 30x 40 cm (A3) life-like pawtraits in soft pastels are perfect for those who want to pay homage to the great love in their life.

Val Brown Watt at a painting weekend.

The sketches are completed in imported soft pastels, her favourite medium, drawn from a photograph taken by Val herself. ‘I’m happy to take the photos as I know what to look for. I learnt the hard way here,’ she says.

Ever since childhood, Cape Town-based Val has always been most happy expressing herself on sketch pads. I am blessed to be able to bring joy through my paintings. It is indeed a privilege to be an artist