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Gardening Books

Three books on gardening, self-sufficiency and suburban homesteading from regrowing vegetables to homespun remedies

10 Travel Writing Tips

Immerse armchair travelers into worlds unseen. Here are 10 travel writing insider secrets on how to keep your readers engaged!

Make Waves With Splash it!

Splash It! 99 Customizable Press Release Tools, Texts & Layout Templates sparks creativity with insider secrets and Media Whispering hacks

Terf Wars

There was a time when decent, masculine men – gay or straight ‒ defended our rights because a society that does not protect its women and children is doomed. Only deluded minds believe a woman has a penis because a man in a dress is a man, no less. Prove me wrong.

Lethabo Life

Where else that's so close to Johannesburg and Pretoria, can you see Cape Clawless Otter hunt in the Crocodile River rapids a few feet from your lounger?

Zambian Zeitgeist

CAROLINE HURRY follows the tale of NyamiNyami, a giant water snake spirit from the Royal Chundu Zambezi River Lodge in Zambia

Scent of a leopard

The male settles down on a flat granite rock, radiating feline confidence and independence. The female is determined to crack his resistance.

Betting on Bornholm

Bornholm’s oldest commercial centre, Gudhjem held herring fairs in the Middle Ages and started the smoked fish industry. Fishing is still the main occupation here and from Gudhjem you can take a boat to Ertholmene, a group of three tiny islands

The Mind of Plants

From Ayahuasca to the banyan to beans and coralline algae, every story is a marvel, a revelation. We owe our very existence to plants



Testosterone Zone

Chan Chan: the largest city in pre-Columbian (pre-Spanish) South America, population of around 50,000, existed between 900AD and around 1500, when the Inca decided to conquer and allow it to decline.

Between a Rock

The Peruvian desert, that includes most of the nation's western flank between the Andes Mountains and Pacific Ocean, is not of any exceptional width, between 100km and 200km. But it is a long land of nigh nothing, a moonscape, running near the length of the country, 3,000km, 10 percent of the nation..

LA Hotel Ups the Heat

Havana Nights brings the rhythms of Cuba to the heart of Los Angeles, breathing in new life with vibrant décor reminiscent of 1950s Havana and a spirited menu in partnership with SelvaRey Rum

Spoof-proof Yourself

Tales from the Cyber Crypt explores the chilling world of 2024 AI cybercrime.

No time to learn French?

Applegate LLC’s new Cheat Sheets help travelers by scrapping the tired old phrasebook formula and replacing it with a simple glossary form.